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Will bonfires be a part of the beach scene for the summer?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Melinda Luthin continues to represent The Friends of the Fire Rings and states the AQMD data is skewed.

"But some supporters of the traditional beach bonfires say the AQMD data is skewed.

“It’s role-playing,” said Melinda Luthin, lawyer for the Friends of the Fire Rings, a group determined to keep the tradition alive. “They say there is a problem when there really isn’t.”

"Luthin said the impending wood-burning ban will make it impossible to know whether bonfires on the beach are really causing an air quality problem. She cites other likely culprits, such as car exhaust and dust raised from the sand. “How will they know the source?” ” she said." For the full article, click here. Article by Jean A. Francis with editors Deepa Bharath and Amy Senk Photo included in the article.


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