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Cathedral City votes to Phase Out Short-term Rentals

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

ILCC's lawyer, Melinda Luthin urges them to vote against the ordinance.

"Cathedral City leaders voted unanimously Wednesday night to phase out short-term vacation rentals by 2023, despite vocal concerns from homeowners who said the move would cause them grave financial harm and who vowed to take legal action."But in response to the City Council's decision to move forward with a phase-out, ILCC upped its efforts. On Aug. 21, ILCC's lawyer Melinda Luthin sent a 15-page letter to council members urging them to vote against the ordinance.

The letter called the ordinance an "ill-conceived, unlawful curtailment of property owners' rights." It claimed the proposal was unlawfully created behind closed doors and without taking the public's interests into account.

The letter also cited a survey from the task force completed by more than 300 residents that indicated a majority of people who are neighbors to a short-term vacation rental wanted them to continue throughout the city.

"The public comments, survey results, results of the pilot enforcement program, and the findings of the (short-term vacation rental task force) all indicate that (short-term vacation rentals) are a positive contribution to Cathedral City and their continuation is desirable and desired by city residents," the letter said." For the full article, click here. Article by Julie Makinen Cathedral City Civic Center is photographed in Cathedral City on February 25, 2020 by Taya Gray/The Desert Sun


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